Whatever You Do This Summer, It Probably Won’t Be As Cool As This


Comes swimming in pools of sizes and different shapes. If you”re fantasy, additionally, it may mean splashy rides and chutes at water parks. Sure, there really are lots of trendy rides made to douse you, but you actually can”t make a mistake using the classic waterslide. Luckily, a water park in Waco, BSR Cable Park, Texas, is doing the waterslide

The chute is large.

The slide is big.

Like, extremely large.

Like, really big.

The stiff swoop in the end means you go flying, in order to do a wide range of airborne stunts (or flailing, your pick) before plunging to the deep pool by the end.

Can you take this dip?

Would you take this plunge?

(We’d. Someone buy us tickets. We’ll adore you forever.)

Check the slide in activity in this video out. We guarantee, it is possible to stare at people flinging themselves around throughout the day.

If you”re in the Waco region and need some summer enjoyment, we urge you check this out. Everyone else (ViralNova staff included) will need to only see this video again and again. You can even view more summery pleasure on BSR”s Instagram.