What He Has To Show You About A ‘Normal’ Cut Of Meat Is Completely Disgusting


You”ve probably never heard of transglutaminase before. But in the event that by purchasing a large, juicy steak in a restaurant you want to indulge every once in a while, then you definitely should be aware of just what it really is.

More commonly called meat paste, transglutaminase is a white powder found in left over strips of steak, lamb, chicken, or fish also make them look like a bigger, striking slice of meat and to paste the meat. These leftovers would ordinarily be thrown out, but by applying this meat paste system, many eateries are creating “Frankensteaks” and selling them as the actual price.

Watch as Greg from Ballistic BBQ loses some truth about these questionable practices and how they can be avoided by you.

(source Ballistic BBQ)

After observing this, I”ll likely think twice before purchasing a low-cost ribeye in a restaurant. Much like the majority of things, quality is represented in the cost. Hopefully, at this point you understand the best way to identify the dissimilarity between real steak as well as a “Frankensteak.”

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