Today In Trash Talk: Paul Pierce Talks A Bit Too Soon… (Video)


Paul Pierce Gives Us Our First Cautionary Tale Of When Not To Talk Trash

Paul Pierce Gives Us Our First Cautionary Tale Of When <em>Not </em>To Talk Trash

Gather round, kids. Today we’re talking a little bit about when not to talk trash. Helping us with our analysis is one Paul Pierce.

Paul is an extremely talented guy. No question about it. The Washington Wizards have been impressive in their performances against the Atlanta Hawks. Almost dominant enough to pull ahead to a 3-1 lead in their series and get one step closer to the East Coast divisional playoffs.

Key word: almost.

After landing a clutch 3-point shot, Pierce took it upon himself to address a series of Hawks fans around him. His choice words, with just 8.3 seconds remaining on the clock, to those rowdy fans after nailing said 3-point shot.


Of course, those of you who watched live already know what happens next.


So… a couple things.

One, yelling out “series” when it wouldn’t actually win you the entire series is probably a poor choice (it’s best of 7). A win against the Hawks last night would have made it 3-1, not 4-1. If we’re being realistic, maybe you should have yelled out momentum! But I get it, it’s not nearly as catchy.

Two, 8.3 seconds is a LOT of time in basketball. We’ve all seen 8.3 seconds get dragged out for another 10 minutes worth of screen time in the NBA. It’s important to remember that.

And finally, why take it out on the fans? They’re never going to let you live this down. Should you actually lose this series, they are giving to give you so much crap for doing something like this.

Don’t believe me? Just remember this guy who so eloquently put salt in wound after your series proclamation didn’t quite pan out.

You’re welcome for all of the above unsolicited advice. We’ll be back the next time someone talks trash out of turn.

Later sports fans.