This Is One Of The Worst Cases Of Bullying I’ve Ever Seen. And It’s A Special Needs Child.


Shawhan of Texas, is just a unique requirements senior school pupil. She’s 18 years old, but has got the child’s psychological capability. During delivery, air was stop creating this problem from her mind as well as for Shea to see seizures.

Shea is just a senior at West Senior School, where she it is an associate of the team and plays softball. Nevertheless, being truly a wanting to engage didn and content teen “t safeguard her.

8 weeks before, Shea began getting messages . They say worse and create enjoyment of her impairment, her garments.

8 months ago, Shea started receiving hateful messages on her iPhone. They make fun of her disability, her clothes and say much worse.

Some texts inform her to “proceed die” which she’s a slut. She is told by others she’s friendless.

Some texts tell her to

“She” s nice and that I” m disappointed I – can”t discover who it’s. State, What did you need to do and I simply wish to discover that guardian? Are you aware your youngster is currently doing this?”” her mom explained.


The texts are now being sent from randomly-produced telephone numbers, producing locating the causes challenging.

The texts are being sent anonymously from randomly-generated phone numbers, making finding the culprits difficult.

How kids can be so vicious particularly one with specialneeds, a woman, is staggering.

How children are able to be so cruel a girl, especially one with special needs, is bewildering.

Within an energy to prevent the bullying Riddell has transformed Shea”s telephone number and blocked most of the figures that were phony, but communications keep getting.

In an effort to stop the bullying, Keri Riddell has changed Shea

Shea” story continues to be touring round Web and the condition, uplifting others to provide her assistance.


the Mavericks and also Cuban actually reached out assisting her sense liked and become guarded in the bullies.

Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks even reached out to her, helping her feel loved and be protected from the bullies.

It”s challenging to not be angered from the bad bullies who torment in and day trip. Fortunately, additional pupils are just starting to remain her behind since they understand what is occurring.

There”s a Facebook site named I”m With Shea, focused on preventing not just her bullying but all intimidation.


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