The Civil War Gets Weird With These Strange And Mysterious Tales From History


The Civil War was a wreck — that would be agreed with by anyone. But history loves to simplify things, so a lot people have the thought that it was more clear-cut than it likely was.

The weirdness can not remain hidden. These 10 odd stories reveal the more bizarre side of the Civil War. Now several of those puzzles continue to baffle us.

1. Stonewall Jackson’s departure

Stonewall Jackson's death

Confederate Lieutenant General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson was killed one night by friendly fire, but over time, legends of homicide and conspiracy have evolved. Astronomers have another theory, however. They say that about the night time of his departure, the moon could happen to be really faint, so when exhausted, frightened soldiers saw a mysterious and big shadow they automatically began shooting.

2. General Grant’s controlled picture

General Grant's manipulated photo

Tweaking celeb pictures to create them better than they really are is seemingly nothing new. This regal-looking picture of Grant addressing his troops is in fact totally bogus. Grant’s head was spliced onto the body (and horse) of Major General Alexander McCook, and then that mix was spliced on a scene that depicts some got Confederate soldiers.

3. Unknown soldiers — and a little girl

Unidentified soldiers -- and a little girl

To this very day, many soldiers have not yet been identified, as well as their faces that are nameless exist just in old photos. Also it is not only soldiers. One story tells of Personal Thomas W. Timberlake, who discovered a picture of a small girl lying between two dead soldiers, one Union, and one Confederate. He’d no means of understanding even if it belonged to either of these, or who the picture belonged to. To this very day, her identity is not known.

4. The mystery itch

The mystery itch

As if war was not hellish enough, there was another scourge that harassed the soldiers: a skin rash that made the skin blister and swell. No one understood what it was until 2006. It was epidemic scabies, due to the horrible hygienic states of the barracks as it happens.

5. Fort Monroe

Fort Monroe

Due to the thick walls and moat, Fort Monroe was among the sole Southern garrisons that had not been seized. It is considered haunted by more or less everyone, including Abraham Lincoln, Varina Davis (wife of Confederate president Jefferson Davis), Ulysses S. Grant, and Edgar Allan Poe. There is additionally a cryptic “Light Lady” who float concerning the property. Upstanding members of the military has even reported phantom sightings. It is possible to take a ghost tour of the fort now.

6. The lost Confederate gold

The lost Confederate gold

Right following the war, the U.S. was determined for cash to rebuild its cities, so the authorities went after the Confederate treasury. Nothing was discovered. To this very day, no one understands what happened to all of the gold. Some say it entombed on several plantations and had been split up. Others say several deserters stole it, plus one star even has it buried in a graveyard underneath the tombstone of a general that is fraudulent.

7. USS Keystone State

<i>USS Keystone State</i>

This stalwart boat vanished in the peak of the war, but was near the conflict. It was uninvolved using the war, and in the Great Lakes transported passengers and iron. In 2013, it had been discovered at the end of Lake Huron, apparently done in with a thunderstorm that was terrible. But would it not be in in this thunderstorm? It is not impossible that the thunderstorm was used by it as cover while carrying weapons

8. Glowing soldiers

Glowing soldiers

So wounded soldiers would occasionally lie outside for days with open wounds, medical technology was essentially nonexistent on the battle fields. During the nighttime, they found something extremely strange — their wounds were glowing. Doctors found the luminous wounds were recovering better and quicker compared to ones with no luminescence. It was not until 2001 that it was found (by high school pupils, no less) that it was probably bioluminescent bacteria Panellus stipticus, which is helpful in fighting off diseases. The hypothermic soldiers’ low body temperatures enabled it to live.

9. Kolb’s Farm

Kolb's Farm

The Battle of Kolb’s Farm was more than the usual skirmish, but it was enough to leave the place haunted. Residents of a house that was certain noticed the apparition of a person in Civil War-era clothes, cold spots, and hidden hands pulling at their hair. Most bizarre of all (but kind of cute) is the existing residents, who reported the action, learned to coexist using their phantom in a friendly style.

10. The secret Confederate flying machine

The secret Confederate flying machine

Hitherto unknown inventor (and dentist by day) Finley Hunt allegedly created a steam powered flying machine, and was all prepared to offer the strategies to the Confederate Army. Sadly, Hunt’s engineering skills were lacking, as well as the machines were never constructed. It is not impossible, though, that some form of model was constructed and got airborne as reports of UFOs in the region cropped up at a comparable time, for some time.

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So there you’ve got it. There are likely hundreds more puzzles from this bloody, dirty war that people do not even know about yet. And when they are unearthed, we’ll be all over them!