She Thought She Had A $50 Bill…Until She Rubbed It With Alcohol


Folks are very protective of the cash, and with great reason. Finding work in the of today’s is difficult enough, and everything is not really cheap, so holding to cash is of extreme value. Whether that means checking our on-line bank statements, or counting the money in our wallets, we do much to protect that which we have brought in.

However, what will happen if you did not have as much cash as you believed, even after all that counting? Without being aware of it, you may be taking counterfeit bills. There is one method to make sure your bills are just what they look like, although it is been occurring since the arrival of paper money. Here’s how.

All you require is a little rubbing alcohol. Take a look at the whole procedure in the video below:

For the reason that they are much more common than you may be thinking, be searching for all these forgeries. In the U.S., about 100 of every million dollar bills are counterfeit. It appears totally ridiculous, but it is not false.