Must Watch: Manny Pacquiao Is Still Very Confused About Whether He’s Actually Fighting Or Not



Wait, so… is he or isn’t he?

Not only is Manny Pacquiao a skilled fighter, he’s also pretty hilarious. Uh, ring ring, hello SNL?

No, but seriously, this guy packs a punch… line. Please don’t come after me Manny. I had to, I HAD TO.

In this Footlocker ad, Manny is still very confused about whether or not he’ll be throwing fisticuffs at Floyd Mayweather, especially since he keeps getting told so within a commercial.

This ad even has a commercial within a commercial, so yeah, Chris Nolan now has his plot for Inception 2: The Dark Fight.

Manny Pacquiao is Cobb, Michael Caine is Floyd Mayweather. The script writes itself.

I’ll be cheering for Manny during the upcoming fight. He’s the best there is.