Big Brother Star Slams NHS For Sending Dead Baby Home In A Box Like A Takeaway


A former Big Brother contestant has hit out at the NHS after sending her dead baby home in a box and plastic bag like a takeaway.

Stunning model Sallie Przybek, 27, took to Facebook to criticise the health service for her treatment following a miscarriage earlier this year.

In a heartfelt post detailing her tragic ordeal, she claims St Marys Hospital in Manchester sent her home with her dead baby in a box placed in a plastic bag.

She wrote: My dead baby was treat (sic) no more than someone handing me over a takeaway. This is the first time I have been able to talk about this as my ordeal was disgusting from St Marys Hospital in Manchester.

I should not of (sic) been left to take my dead child home in a plastic bag!

Proud mum: Sallie with her daughter Nirvana

Proud mum: Sallie with her daughter Nirvana

In a series of shocking accusations, the tattooed DJ whos also known as Sallie Axl makes some harrowing claims against the care she was given in hospital.

The hospital left my baby to infect me, causing her to have a type 4 haemorrhage and lose 40% of her blood, she claims; while she accuses one nurse of referring to her unborn child as IT.