350 Pound Man Pickets Food Joint Over Dispute about All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry (VIDEO)


A 350 pound man is spending his weekends protesting Chucks Place, a food joint in Thiensville, Wisconsin, because he says he purchased all-you-can-eat and was cut off. The man ordered the bottomless fish fry on a Friday night and was given about 20 pieces of fish before finally being told they were running out.

He says he was still hungry and wanted more, and because he didnt get more he believes Chucks Place is engaged in false advertising. Problem is, Chucks Place claims he was sharing the fish with friends who didnt pay for it. And it was putting a major dent in their supply.

Ive been to a fish fry on Friday night in Wisconsin and I can tell you its some of the best fish youll ever eat. That said, I was hurting at two full pieces of fish. So how this man could eat upwards of 20 and still be hungry is beyond me.

Anyway, heres the full video report. What say you?