18 Powerful Photos That Perfectly Capture The Essence Of Pakistan


When you think about Pakistan, certain images come to your mind, a propelling combination of beautiful people, landscapes and emotions. The only thing that unites Pakistan as it is, is the essence of the country. From children in the street to the tombs of the mosques. A country of simple people who just want a moment of escape from reality and bewilder in the haze of the beautiful Pakistan. Here are some of the most breathtaking, essential pictures that perfectly capture what Pakistan is all about.

1. To dawns from rooftops, the birds eye view of serenity



After a tiring day of work, its the most beautiful view you can get, looking through the city scenes.

2. The astonishing heritage our forefathers left for us

Beauty Pakistan

A section of the Walled City of Lahore speaks volumes about the simple, yet emotional heritage of Pakistan.

3. The absolutely versatile, world renowned Truck Art of Pakistan

Truck Art
Pakistan Truck Art/pakistantruckart.com

Of colors, designs and cultural phenomena Pakistans genius Truck Art perfectly captures emotions and essence of Pakistan through unteachable print.

4. The amicable art of Polo, where beasts and men perform


Where else in the world would you get bearded men wearing turbans and Shalwar kameez, riding horses and playing a worldly sport? Only in Pakistan! The animal and man relationship captures the essence of Pakistan.

5. To Mosques, Temples and Cathedrals Were one nation!


St. Patricks Cathedral-Karachi, Pakistan, is a symbol of free practice and equal rights to all religions. A historical monument, perfectly capturing the long lost essence.

6. To heart-shaped lakes and emotional waves, Hunza

Heart Shaped, Hunza

The heart-shaped lake in Hunza Valley, Pakistan, perfectly captures our love and emotions for beautiful landscapes. Were absolute suckers for beauty, and theres no shame in it. Our landscapes capture the essence of Pakistan.

7. To losing limbs but standing up again, the pride of Pakistan


Believe it or not, this is Insha Zafar, the girl who lost her leg in 2005 Kashmir Earthquake. You know the best part? Shes now a professional Skiier in the USA. Her never dying spirit captures the essence of Pakistan.

8. The City that never sleeps, the undying nightlife of Karachi

A city hauled, vaulted and haunted by a number of domestic issues Karachi is the heart of Pakistan. Capturing the perfect essence of Pakistans nightlife.

9. To forgiveness and second chances, the mighty-hearts of Pakistanis

M. Aamir

Mohammad Aamirs return to Pakistan cricket is a prime example of the HUGE hearts Pakistanis lock in their chest. He was a young kid who found the wrong path, the love guided him back. The forgiving and forgetting captures the essence of Pakistan.

10. To the hair raising, heart throttling chants of Pakistan Zindabad!


Whether its the war on the borders or the ones fought with a cricket bat the chants of Pakistan Zindabad can cut through the strongest of metals. This slogan of prosperity captures the essence of Pakistan.

11. The hopeful eyes of a shepherd, gazing for a better tomorrow


This is a shepherd from Balochistan. He might be uneducated but his heart is a rich fortress. His typical turban, twirling mustache and jaded eyes capture the essence of Pakistan.

12. The eargasmic lonely tunes of mountains and cold winds


Their black outfits, heavenly jewelry, braided caps and the flutes in their mouth The Chitralis storm their way of living around mountains and lakes. They capture the essence of Pakistan.

13. The shades of blue skies in her eyes, her stationary look


I think we need not to say anything about this picture. This actually is the true essence of Pakistan. God bless our children.

14. The talented children of street football, no grounds no pitches

no ground no pitches

The ever so brilliant and talented street children of Pakistan. They love their football, especially in Lyari. With no means to play, no shoes to wear, no grounds to go on. All they need is a football and the muddy streets. They capture the essence of Pakistan!

15. The brave future, the targeted yet proud schoolkids of Pakistan


The Peshawar APS massacre was a turning point in Pakistans history. It strengthened the future, the children of Pakistan beyond its roots. The proud eyes of this young girl perfectly capture the essence of Pakistan. #141 #NeverForget

16. From giving birth to saving lives, the unmatched women of Pakistan!

women of Pakistan

They are mothers, wives, sisters and the most beautiful creatures on earth. They are in the army, they are doctors, they are pilots and they are engineers. If theres a women behind every successful man, guess how many would it take to be behind a successful country? They are the essence of Pakistan.

17. If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is Pakistani

Pakistan army

A salute to the armed forces of Pakistan. They are the ones who risk their lives for our safety. We need not mention their contributions to this country. The green and khaki are the true essence of Pakistan.

18. To earning through different and proper legal means

Swat Trout


This special Trout fish spot in Swat best describes different means to earn for Pakistanis all across the country. This is not just a delight but in the right way the Halal way of earning and feeding their families. The work ethic of Pakistanis best describe their true essence.